September 5th – Halie & Adam Wedding

Halie Robinson & Adam Bugbee Wedding Homily
5 September 2015
by Rev. Max Phillips
@Christ Lutheran Church-Bouton, Iowa

Scripture Lessons:

Ephesians 5:1-2, 22-33
John 2:1-11

Weddings in the ancient near east, in Cana were a little different than this wedding in Bouton.  You two have invited a close circle of friends and family and you’ve kept this a beautiful, but simple event.  You’ll soon go on to celebrate this new thing of Adam & Halie officially together for a few hours and then friends and family will go home and you two will get on with your new married lives.

That’s now.  In Cana then weddings were community events.  Everyone was invited.  The celebration lasted for days.  And the satisfaction of the wedding was judged by the quality of the party.  To have a poor party was a social faux pas.  Into that setting Jesus begins his miraculous interventions.

We certainly know Jesus intervenes in illnesses with healing, he even intervenes in death by raising the dead back to life.  But we might miss that first time he interjected himself into a wedding.

The unfortunate family had under-planned and the wine was running out way too early.  Jesus’ mother asked him to do something and so he did.  Scriptures tell us that he commanded that six huge jars each holding up to 30 gallons be filled with water and then told the wine steward to “draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”  [John 2:7-8]   And when he did as he had been told, the taster found it to be the finest wine.

It seems to me there are two important things for all of us to take away from this Cana wedding.  First, you Adam and you Halie apart aren’t the best.  You’re good kids, I’m sure, good workers, good friends, but God has something even better in mind for you.  Just like jars of water are good and they certainly serve a purpose, turning them into the finest wine is something better.  You two together, God promises will be just that…something better.

Better for your families, for the Bugbee family will have a new daughter and the Robinson family will have a new son.  Better for the world, because marriage between a husband and a wife is the building block of society and this world really.  Before sin came into the world, God had already established marriage and brought Adam and Eve together as the first married’s.  Men and women have been marrying in God’s plan from that day.  Better for both of you because you are becoming something new.

More than a merger, more than a contract, he has created a bond between you that is remaking you as the Bible says into one flesh.  No longer two separate; with separate things, dreams, and hopes, but instead, one through sharing of all things with each other from love.

Today the two separate jars of water are put away, and the jar of new marriage wine will be tasted and it will be exquisite and perfect.

That wine will be exquisite and perfect but your marriage won’t be.  The truth is marriage isn’t a fairy tale.  It takes hard work.  And just as Jesus made water into wine, it won’t take a lot for you two to do the reverse and turn it back into water.  Loving each other and building a marriage and home will be framed with mistakes and hurts.  And that’s why we need to pay special attention to the second thing that Jesus teaches.

You see, just as he intervened in that first wedding at Cana, he is intervening in yours.  That’s why you are here in a church in front of your pastor and witnesses.  You are smart enough about marriage to realize it is best not entered into alone.

Here’s the good news, Jesus is intervening not with just in time miracles here and there, but rather with his permanent presence. When you are tempted to get into a selfish groove and think only of yourselves, he’ll be there with a growing love for the other to think more of your spouse than of yourself.  When either of you disappoint or hurt one another he’ll be there with the gift of forgiveness for them with himself as the perfect example. As you grow old and the outer beauty wears off, he’ll give you new eyes to see a special gift from God made just for you.

The truth is perfect marriages are about as far from perfect as you can get.  What makes them perfect is how you lean on Christ for what you need when times get tough.  If it is just you two, you are in great jeopardy of failure.  If it is you two and Jesus, you three can weather any storm and rise above any difficulty and forgive any sin.

Jesus intervened at that first wedding in Cana and here is the good news; today he’s intervening in yours.  Hold on to that, and your marriage will be the sweetest and best wine for the rest of your life.

In Jesus Name,

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